Rules & Regulations

CLEANING CHECKS:  Management will perform monthly cleaning checks. A required cleaning checklist will be provided to you. If a tenant fails a cleaning check, a $15 re-inspection fee will be applied. If the tenant fails the 2nd cleaning check, a minimum of $40 will be fined plus additional costs according to the time it takes to clean. If we are unable to access your bedroom a $10 fee will be applied.

BROKEN WINDOWS AND BENT SCREENS:  Tenants will be held responsible for broken windows or bent screens. Screens are not to be removed unless an emergency demands otherwise. A $25.00 fine will be assessed to anyone removing a screen in a non-emergency. A bill will be sent to the responsible party or leaseholder for the room with the damaged screen/window.

FURNITURE:  Apartment furniture must be kept in the apartment it belongs to. Mattresses and bed frames must be kept in designated bedrooms unless authorization is received from management. A $75.00 fine will be assessed to those responsible for moving furniture out of bedrooms or apartments. Couches must be kept on the floor. Couches lifted by cinder blocks, milk crates or any other objects will be subject to replacement at the expense of all those living in the apartment.

INTERNET:  The Landlord may provide Internet as an added amenity. Management has a goal of providing the fastest, wired and wireless Internet possible. We do our best to meet the constantly increasing needs of our tenants. From time to time, it may be necessary to limit Internet use or terminate wireless or wired access because of abuse. Tenants may not install or use personal routers, switches, servers, etc. We reserve the right to filter content and/or block peer-to-peer/file sharing programs.

LAUNDRY FACILITIES:  The laundry facilities are open to tenants 24 hours a day. A key will be required to open the laundry room doors. Do not leave any clothing on top of any of the machines when done. Notify management of any problems when they arise. If any clothes are left in the laundry room for an extended amount of time management is permitted to take the clothes and hold them or dispose of them. MANAGEMENT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST, MISSING OR DAMAGED ITEMS.

MATTRESS PAD COVER:  For tenant protection, residents are required to use a mattress cover. Mattress covers must be waterproof and cover the entire mattress (size: Twin XL). Failure to cover a mattress which results in stain or damage, tenant will be charged for a replacement mattress.

NO ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, SMOKING, OR E-CIGS:  Village on the Parkway is a smoke and alcohol-free complex. Therefore, these substances are not allowed on the premises. Violators will be evicted.

NO OPEN FLAMES OR BURNING OF ANY KIND:  Candles and open flames are not allowed.  A $100.00 fine will be assessed to anyone that lights a candle in the apartment. Hair straighteners and curling irons must be unplugged when tenant is finished using them. A $50.00 fine will be assessed to anyone that leaves these appliances plugged in and unattended.  Please make sure you never leave the room when food cooking in the kitchen. If there is no fire, but your cooking produces smoke, open your apartment windows to avoid the building alarms sounding unnecessarily. Tenants will incur a $50 fee if they set off the building fire alarms when unnecessary.

NOISE LEVELS:  State and County Law require that the sound levels of TV, stereos, radios, electronics, loud conversation, yelling, etc. must be reduced between the hours of 10 PM to 8 AM.  This also applies to car radios, stereos, etc. and engine revving.  As a general rule, if the people in other apartments can hear the sounds you are making (whatever the source) you are too loud. Management is authorized to enforce this rule and repeated violations shall result in evictions.  Each tenant is entitled to the Quiet Enjoyment of their apartment.

OCCUPANCY:  Tenants are reminded that their Rental Agreement is a legal contract which should be read with great care. Among other things, this contract states the precise number of persons who may stay in the apartment.  No overnight guests will be allowed without the written approval of management and consent of all roommates.  The rental rate stated in each contract entitles the resident to the use of one (1) private bedroom or shared space.  Any resident who occupies any space other than their own with 1 or more articles that belong to them will be charged a minimum of $50 and up to ½ month’s rent if the articles continue to remain in the space.

PARKING:  Parking spaces are for tenants only. Cars must be registered with Management and posting a parking sticker on the windshield. There are visitor-parking stalls on the middle-south and east sides of the parking lot. The tenant is responsible if their visitor violates this rule. Visitors can only park in visitor parking for a maximum of 48 hours. Residents may not park in visitor parking. The parking spaces are not provided for the storage of vehicles. Vehicles in violation may be booted or towed without notice.  Parking pass must be re-purchased with any lease renewal.

PETS:  Absolutely no pets of any kind are permitted on the premises or in the apartments.

PLUMBING:  All expenses or repairs resulting from tenant stopping of waste pipes or overflow from sinks, tubs, toilets, showers, washbasins or containers must be paid for by the tenant when caused by tenant misuse or neglect.

SWIMMING POOL: There is NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY at the swimming pool! If you swim in the pool, you swim at your own risk. Running, diving, pushing in or around the pool is prohibited. TENANTS ARE REMINDED, THEY ARE COMPLETELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BEHAVIOR OF GUESTS WHILE IN OR AROUND THE POOL. The pool and the pool area MUST be kept clean. Tenants and guests must not throw, place or allow trash or other contaminates in the pool or around the pool. If these rules and regulations are not followed, it will be necessary to close the pool so that no one may use it. We would like to keep the pool open for the use of our tenants and their enjoyment from 6 AM to 12 AM. A key is always required to access the pool.

TRASH ACCUMULATION:  Each Resident is responsible for keeping the area directly in front of their apartment clean. Litter and trash are to be disposed of in the trash containers provided and nowhere else.  Any violation will be charged a minimum of $20.00.

TRASH RECEPTACLES:  Absolutely no furniture is to be place or disposed of in or near the trash receptacles. The cost of disposal of such large items will be charged to the owner of the items. Please place all trash in tied plastic bags and place in not near or beside the trash receptacles. Flatten all boxes before putting them in the trash receptacles. Recycling bins are for the proper disposal of recyclable trash.

VEHICLE REPAIR, MAINTENANCE AND WASHING:  These activities are not allowed on property unless part of a property sponsored event.

VANDALISM:  Anyone who vandalizes any apartment or part of the buildings or grounds is liable for criminal prosecution and eviction. Persons vandalizing property will be held personally liable for all costs of repair or replacement. All tenants are responsible for the actions of their guests.

WALKWAYS:  All walkways and stairs are to be kept clear and free of debris at all times.  Storage of any items on or near the walkways or stairs outside of the apartments is prohibited. All brooms, mops, waste receptacles, etc. must be kept inside the apartments. Any violation the tenants will be charged a minimum of $20.00.

In order to make Village on the Parkway a fun and safe environment we encourage you to report any violations or disturbances to the office and, if applicable, to the Orem Police Department.  We are here to provide you with a fun and enjoyable living standard.  Office: 224-1205.  Orem Police Department: 229-7070.

Tenants not abiding by these rules and regulations will be subject to eviction. Cooperation of all tenants in maintaining these Rules and Regulations is requested as a part of the proper tenancy of these apartments. It is also sincerely appreciated! Noise and behavior which is unsafe and/or disturbs others will not be tolerated.

Updated 11//2018